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PO Box 103 Harrison Mills, BC ~ V0M 1A1

Harrison Mills Regional Association
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Our mandate is to improve the quality of life for all residents and visitors to our beautiful community of Harrison Mills, BC and to facilitate cooperation and communication in all matters of mutual interest among stakeholders in the Harrison Mills Area.


Harrison Mills and immediate surrounding communities have an extensive history of power outages. The year 2010 by BC Hydro's own figures show at least 158 power failures. These failures ranged from minutes to hours.

A group of concerned residents met with BC Hydro at the clubhouse located at Tapadera Estates on December 16, 2010. As a result of this meeting Hydro fast tracked, improved and implemented a number of upgrades to the lines, poles and equipment which also included the removal of 440 trees and pruned several trees. The net result should be a reduction in outages and improved response and repair time.

BC Hydro displayed a willingness to discuss and react to issues of concern with an organized group representing area residences. It followed logically that the area needed an organized voice at the grassroots level to liaise and present community needs to governing bodies, residents and business.

Harrison Mills has a rich and extensive history in the British Columbia landscape and needs to maintain its rightful place in BC, hence the formation of the Harrison Mills Regional Association.

“Uniting the 
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